A wide variety of products to choose from.

Need a simple sign for the office parking lot?
A bunch of vinyl logos for the fleet of pickup trucks?
Perhaps a series of nameplates for the newly manufactured product?

Whatever it is you need in signage, display or even control panel overlays,
at Cainsville Screen Printing, we can help.

From colored vinyl to polysterene, metals and more, signage comes in a wide range of shapes, sizes and application methods.

Vinyl cut and screened products

Self-adhesive vinyl is economical, eye-catching and easy to apply. They can be ready-spaced lettering, logos and graphics or they can be screened printed with intricate images. Vinyls have self-adhesive backing for applications indoors or out and can be permanent or easy to remove. The material can also be colored and/or reflective.

Some of the applications are...

  • Vehicle identification
  • Product labeling
  • Safety and hazardous material signs
  • Instructional labels
  • Window and door signs
  • Office and retail signs
  • Traffic and road signs
  • and much more.

Metal screened products

Metals produce high quality, durable product identification in a range of colors and finished. Inks used for screening include high UV, water and temperature resistance. They produce a long lasting product that can be supplied with self-adhesive backings or holes for screw or rivet fastening.

Some of the applications are...

  • Product identification
  • Industrial signage
  • Machinery instructions
  • Instrument dial and switch panels
  • Gasoline instructional panels
  • and much more.

A wide variety to choose
from for all types of applications.

Signs and labeling has come a long way over the years. The vast variety of materials available and the methods used for manufacturing are almost endless. From reflective vinyls to sturdy metal or light-weight aluminum, from letter and die-cut to elaborate screen printing, there are endless choices available to you.

Whenever you need any type of identification, signs or labelling, talk to our experts to help you choose the best materials and production methods suited to your requirements and budget. Whether your application is exterior or interior, permanent or temporary, in dry or wet locations, your requirements and our expertise can provide you with a solution to your needs.

Call us today and let Cainsville Screen Printing help you with your next project.